Noto Vendicari

Noto Vendicari


Noto is a baroque jewel perched on a plateau. It’s beauty, harmonious to the point of almost seeming fictional, is like a scene from a theatre prodution. However. Noto was the result of a tragic event: the earthquake of 1693.

The city became a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) in 2003, and was rebuilt. The majestic palaces are all built in local compacted limestone that time has colored creating that beautiful golden color.

Piazza Immacolata, the beautiful Monastery of SS. Salvatore, the Convent of S. Clear, Piazza Municipio, Ducezio Palace, the curved staircase of the the Cathedral and the Cathedral itself, the Bishop’s Palace (XIX c.), Palazzo Landolina of Sant’Alfano, the Basilica of SS Salvatore, the Church of Montevergini, and the beautiful baroque palaces are just some of the numerous and representative works of baroque architecture in the city. All wrapped around the eighteenth century historic center town, there are lots of popular districts (Agliastrello, Mannarazze, Ice Machine, Carmine) characterized by narrow, winding and often labyrinthine alleys that characterize medieval villages.

Every year on the third Sunday of May thereis “l’Infiorata di Noto”. Via Nicolaci ideal setting to host this lively floral carpet, is completely carpeted with flawers and decorated in a beatiful way.

Vendicari – Mazamemi

Descending from Noto to Porto Palo we first encounter a beach not to be missed. It is a beach in the central Vendicari Nature Reserve, with its five salt marshes. It’s always a delight to see as undreds of species of birds choose this place as a place to stop on the journey to mating grounds. We find paths that are opened between reeds, rushes, iris and fennel, thyme, myrtle, juniper and rosemary towards the sea, leading to a long beach.

Another beach along an intensely blue sea is Marzamemi where you can feel the genuine soul of Sicily, especially if you have the courage to defy the blazing sun in thepiazza dominated by the eighteenth-century palace of the princes of Villadorata or along the balata next to the old trap. Walking through the stone houses and baroque palaces, one captures the atmosphere typical of the Mediterranean and it is understandable why the famous movie director Salvatores wanted to film the movie “Sud” on location.

Further down there are a series of beaches, long and golden up to the southern tip of Sicily, the Island of the Currents. Further on, there is only Africa and the two seas.

For those who prefer, it’s possible to visit Noto during the morning and spend the afternoon in Vendicare or vice versa, starting the day at the beach and ending the night in the baroque city of Noto. Or, it’s possible to visit either just Noto or Vendicari.

Time of departure: To be agreed upon

Duration of excursion: Appoximately 8-9 hours

Cost per person: €40 (From the third person on the cost is €30 per person) Noto only € 35, Vendicari only € 35 Prices do not include entrance fees for attractions, dining, or other various spenditures. Prices are VAT included