Ragusa e Donnalucata

Ragusa e Donnalucata


Ragusa is a beautiful baroque city, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Once you get a view of the town, you’ll be amazed to find out that it is not one city, but two. The old part, Ibla, with it’s narrow streets and steep steps, has the ideal borders the tiles of the tower of of St. Mary’s Tower of the Idria and the green lush of the Ibleo Garden overlooking the valley below.

The special charm of Ibla be found in its small details: the houses leaning against each other, colored tiles from the roofs that they miss every once in a bell tower, a pinnacle, the great dome of St. George ‘s elegance of Baroque and Rococo churches and palaces, the horrible faces of the stone gargoyles that guard prospects and doorways.

The green gemof the Ible Garden contains, among avenues of palm trees and cedars, the Church of St. James, which remained miraculously intact after the earthquake of 1693. Almost 250 steps to reach Santa Maria delle Scale, in the upper part of Ragusa, it was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693. In Piazza San Giovanni, there is the Cathedral with its richly decorated carvings and sculptures, oversized columns, embossed beams and two sundials.

One measures the time in Italian hours (from sunset to sunset), the other in French hours (midnight to midnight). Unexpected is the “coup de théâtre” offered by the churchyard, raised from the square below and surrounded by a stone balustrade pitch. Even within some surprises: the capitals carved and gilded stucco angels, gilding rococo style in the vaults, large niches surrounded by statues.

Sampieri Beach or Donnalucata

It is one of the most beautiful and extensive coastlines in the province of Ragusa. A beach that extends about 2 km until you reach the area of “Pisciotto”, a unique display of industrial architecture (it was a brick kiln). In 1900, it was destroyed as a result of a fire and made famous by the television series Inspector Montalbano. Part of the beach is covered by a small forest area and is surrounded by sand dunes. The clean beach and the coastline of dramatic cliffs make Sampieri a favorite spot to sun bathe. Along the beach there are plenty of beach clubs and shore lines where one can spend afternoons and evenings.

For those who prefer, you can visit Modica in the morning and spend the afternoon at the beach or vice versa, ie., starting the day at the beach and ending with an evening snack in the baroque city, or only do Modica. One can even do a single Ragusa-Modica-Scicli excursion .

Time of departure: To be agreed upon

Duration of excursion: Appoximately 9 hours

Cost per person: 40€ (From the third person on the cost is €30 per person) Prices do not include entrance fees for attractions, dining, or other various spenditures. Prices are VAT included