Siracusa – natural Reserve of Cava grande and/or Acquatic Park Aretusa

Siracusa – natural Reserve of Cava grande and/or Acquatic Park Aretusa


The entire urban area, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2005, offers visitors the chance to travel in time without stops. You’ll be amazed by the imposing fortifications of Eurialo; or the “Temple of Apollo”; fascinated by the columns of the Temple of Athena as precious stones are embedded inside the Cathedral; enraptured by the magical atmosphere of the Greek Theatre, as one of the largest and well-preserved in the world, where the Greek magic still lives; enchanted by the “Latomie”, stone quarries of ancient Syracuse and the legendary Ear of Dionysius. One can also walk in the footsteps of St. Paul, one of the catacombs, as well as the places of the martyrdom of S. Lucia.

The collections in the museums of the city are truly enviable. At the splendid exhibition of the Regional Museum Paolo Orsi, you can admire the art and masterpieces from prehistoric to Roman times, while modern paintings and medieval collections are housed in the Galleria di Palazzo Bellomo. The island of Ortigia is the heart of the city: just only one square kilometer, it’s a charming treasure chest of natural beauty ready to amaze you. Pleasant is lost in its narrow streets, looking for rare atmospheres lost elsewhere. Of Ortigia affects its human dimension, its tranquility and its small but heady market. Spending the evening in typical local restaurant or in one of its fine restaurants will be irresistible.

Cava Grande (Lakes of Avola)

The visit to Cava Grande allows you to discover the hidden landscapes of the Iblei Mountains. Cava Grande’s Gorge with its impressive limestone cliffs overlooking the valley occupied by the river that opens into charming small lakes, walking along the path that descends.

Slightly to the left, you can see an eopening excavated in the rock. It ‘s the so-called Cave of the Brigantes, a small testimony of those ancient settlements that characterize all the rocky areas of the south-east of Sicily. Going down, in about half an hour (note: the return climb takes twice as long), you reach the river (“cava” according to the local name). sometimes inconspicuous town along the river, following the direction of the current, surrounded by lush vegetation.

After a few hundred meters you reach an open area where the river forms a succession of clear natural pools carved into the rock and surrounded by flat boulders, ideal for a break under the sun. In the summer, the cool waters invite you the bath in this environment that seems foreign for the typical Sicilian landscape and which is yet so desirable.

For those who prefer, you can visit Syracuse during the morning and spend the afternoon at the lakes or vice versa; for example, start the day at the lakes and finish the evening on the island of Ortigia. Yet another alternative for those with children would be to visit Syracuse in the morning and to cool off at the Aquapark of Mellili or vice versa. You can also do only Syracuse, Cava Grande or the Mellili water park.

Time of departure: To be agreed upon

Duration of excursion: Appoximately 9-10 hours

Cost per person: €40 (From the third person on the cost is €30 per person) Only Siracusa or Mellili Acquatic Park € 40 per person, Only Cavagrande € 35 Prices do not include entrance fees for attractions, dining, or other various spenditures. Prices are VAT included